Lone boat at anchor

December 26, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I’m all alone walking along the quayside in bright sunlight with my trusty camera at the ready.  Everywhere I turn there is beauty.    The ship, the snow, the mountains, the still waters of the Arctic Ocean, nothing ugly in sight.  Oh I forgot to mention – it’s very, very cold.  In fact, here in Alta in the extreme north of Norway, way above the Arctic Circle, the temperature is well below freezing.  I have my spare camera batteries keeping warm in my inside pocket – they are ready to use when my current battery stops working because of the cold - as it sure will.

Everywhere is so clean, so pristine.  The snow is so white and powdery.  I’ve already taken some great shots of a small boat that lies moored in the bay.  The reflections in the sea are amazing.  Somehow, all colours seem to be enhanced and my brain just cannot believe the beauty all round me.  Getting the exposure right is a nightmare because everywhere is so white, and this, together with the bright sunlight, is playing havoc with camera sensor.  If only the camera could capture what the eye can see.  If only I’d remembered to pack my filters.

This adventure is my first to Norway and my first cruise. 

Lone Boat, Alta, NorwayLone Boat, Alta, NorwayLone boat at anchor in Alta Harbour, Northern Norway, high above the Arctic Circle.


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