Created 13-May-16
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Photographs taken in New Mexico, USA. Includes derelict buildings and beautiful sunset.
White Sands desert, New MexicoSmallest Library, New MexicoQuirky sign, New MexicoDerelict Room, Encino, New MexicoDerelict and abandoned home, Encino, New MexicoDerelict hardware store, Encino, New MexicoDerelict Grocery Store, Encino, New MexicoEncino Motel, Encino, New MexicoDerelict in Encino, New MexicoThe Blue Door, New MexicoThe ornate gate, New MexicoOld time memorabilia, New MexicoRoute 66 signage, New MexicoRadio telescope in silhouette, New MexicoRadio Telescope, New MexicoRadio telescope at sunset, New Mexico

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