If you have visited this page, you must be at least a bit interested to know who I am.  Well let me start by saying I am a photographer based in Ossett, West Yorkshire in the North of England.  

I have a great deal of experience in the photography world, not least being a lecturer in all things photography on board cruise liners owned by the now out-of-business Cruise & Maritime Ltd.  COVID19 has a lot to answer for!  

I am a 1st prize winning photographer of international competitions, as well as a 1st Prize winner of a photography competition run by the prestigious Royal Photographic Society here in the UK.

I don't really have one particular genre of photographic interest but I would say that my main interests are landscapes, architectural details, macro and, during lockdown, Water Drop Art photography.  I don't do street photography and definitely don't photograph people.

Here on my website you will find hundreds of my photographs contained in galleries and collections and a look through them will reveal just how diverse my photographic interests are.  The Water Drop Art gallery contains the most photographs - I suppose you would expect that after a year of not being able to go anywhere to photograph anything.  There's only so much of interest in one's own back yard and besides which I've enjoyed putting together a Water Drop system.

Well there you have it, the photographer me in a nutshell.  I hope you enjoy looking round my website and I hope you find something to buy to hang on your wall.