Sue Leonard Fine Art Photography: Blog en-us (C) Sue Leonard (Sue Leonard Fine Art Photography) Mon, 03 Jan 2022 09:55:00 GMT Mon, 03 Jan 2022 09:55:00 GMT Sue Leonard Fine Art Photography: Blog 96 120 Photographing flowers Lately I've discovered that I really like taking photographs of flowers.  Who knew?  I've amazed myself actually.  Not only have I enjoyed taking photographs of flowers but I've also enjoyed creating fine art work from those photographs.  This has expanded into creating fine art from some of my other photographs.  I love the creative post-processing side of photography as much, if not more, than the actually taking of the photo in the first place.  I've dedicated a full gallery to all things botanical and I hope you enjoy the images I've created.  My latest creation is along the lines of Van Gogh and is below.  

The weather is turning cold again and so I think I'll be using my camera indoors more over the winter months - not sure what I'm going to do yet though.  I might get my water drop equipment back out but that does take up quite a bit of room.  I might carry on and create different types of flower images - buy a flower or two etc and use different backgrounds.  I've yet to decide.  It'll be as the mood takes me.

Well, until next time - happy browsing.



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Tearing down and building up water drop equipment Well what a day I've had.  My water drop set up needed re-configuring, so I've spent the day doing DIY.  I now have a more adjustable water drop frame, to hold my water drop equipment.  It wouldn't be so bad but now I have no energy left to actually carry out any water drop photography.  

So here I am sat at my computer writing this blog and in a few minutes I will edit some of my water drop photographs, mainly to get rid of random splash drops etc.  All my photographs are taken using my Fujifilm X-T3 camera and I'm currently using my Fujifilm 80mm Macro lens.   

Here's one I took earlier.  This image, and many more, are available for sale on this website at very reasonable prices.

Bubble and LaceBubble and LaceHow lacy is this water drop and it's got a bubble at the bottom as well. With water drop photography, you never know what you're going to get. No two drops are ever the same.


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