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Welcome to the English Gallery.

This gallery contains all my images taken in England . If you find an image that inspires you and you would like to buy a copy, then just hover over the image and a 'Buy' button will appear below that image. Or you can use the 'Buy' button at the top of the collection page and select the image/s that you are interested in.
Shibden Hall with black and white frontageAnne Lister as a paintingAnne Lister of Shibden Hall with painterly effectAnne Lister of Shibden HallShibden Hall, Halifax & 'Anne Lister'Shibden Hall, HalifaxShibden Hall, HalifaxShibden Hall, HalifaxEast Window of Halifax MinsterHoly Trinity Church, YorkHoly Trinity Church, YorkHoly Trinity Church, York with Van Gogh painterly effectHoly Trinity Chirch, YorkHoly Trinity Church, York with rainbow effect added to my original photogaphYork cobbled street at nightYork street at nightSnicket of YorkYork Shambles by NightShambles by Night in the snowSnicket of York